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Daisy and Brownie Badge Programs!

Brookfield Center for the Arts offers a Girl Scout Badge Program available to Daisy and Brownie troops. The program lasts 1 & ½ hours, includes troop bonding activities with an emphasis on leadership skills. Each badge has different requirements, which will be incorporated into the lesson. Our most popular badge is our dance badge!

End of the Year Parties!

Celebrate all you have accomplished throughout the year! Troops will get an hour and a ½ to reflect on their year in a decorated Studio with streamers and balloons. Girl Scouts will have lots of fun and complete cats like T-Shirt tide (with troop signatures on back) and will create a picture frame. Once crafts are finished Girl Scouts will have dance party! Troop leaders are welcome to organize a snack table and Girl Scouts will need to bring a white t-shirt from home. BCA Will provide game activities, craft materials and goodie bags. Goodie bags will include BCA water bottles, a free dance class pass and candy! The cost will be $300 for a group of 10-20 students.

Scheduling and Pricing of Badge Programs

Badge programs are held on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Troop leaders will supply the badges, may bring refreshments, and hold a short meeting at the studio if desired. The cost will be $15 per student, groups must consist of 10 - 25 Girl Scouts. Below is a list of badge programs we offer.

Girl Scout Badge Programs!

Brookfield Center for the Arts
Dance Badge!

For the dance portion, students will be led through a warm up, stretch and will then learn about dance through the decades! Some dance examples that the girls will learn are the waltz, the twist, the cha cha slide and even the dab, whip and nae nae. Students will learn a quick dance combo to share with friends and family. There will be a show off the last 5 minutes of class and a dance badge ceremony. This short routine will be your choice of jazz, poms, ballet, hip hop or lyrical dance. Students will end class with a badge ceremony, closing circle and reflection. Students will receive their dance badge and a free dance class pass!

Brookfield Center for the Arts
Other Daisy & Brownie Badges!

Daisy: Friendly and Helpful (Sunny) Courageous and Strong (Tula) Respect Myself and Others (Gloria) Use Resources Wisely (Clover) Make the World a Better Place (Rosie) Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout (Vi) Brownie: Household Elf (Do It) Senses (Investigation) Dancer (Performance) My Best Self (Healthy Living) Home Scientist (Science & Technology) Painting (Artist) Celebrating Community (Citizen) Snacks (Cook) Fair Play (Athlete)