BCA Teacher Spotlight: Miss CeNedra and the Magic of Little Things

Mar 7,2016 | Interview Preschool Dance

CeNedra Misic’s philosophy of teaching our youngest BCA students all comes down to the little things. As our Assistant Preschool Program Director as well as an instructor for several Toddler and Tippy Toes dance programs, CeNedra finds joy and inspiration in the small moments she shares with her students. Hugs, handmade notes and drawings, and the simple joy of a child’s smile are the ultimate rewards for this dedicated and sweet BCA instructor.

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CeNedra’s goal is to encourage her students to love dance from an early age. She began dancing when she was three years old, and continued with years of instruction in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz and lyrical dance styles. At the age of 15, she entered the Teacher Training Program at Lake Shore Dance and soon found her calling. CeNedra was a standout in her training program, and with the encouragement of a teacher and mentor she dedicated herself to a career in dance and arts education.

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Today, CeNedra is a certified Russian Ballet instructor, and she has certifications in several other dance and exercise disciplines. She describes BCA’s Russian Ballet program as “classical dance the way it should be, at the highest level of excellence. The Vaganova Technique forces students to focus and be present in class, and encourages discipline, patience, hard work, strength and elegance.”

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Miss CeNedra’s Rules for Dance…and Life

CeNedra is truly passionate about teaching our Preschool, Toddler and Tippy Toes students. She understands that through dance, students can learn some pretty important life lessons too. While learning basic dance technique (what’s tendu?), CeNedra’s students learn how to use patience, discipline, teamwork and respect for success in class—and in life.

Patience – Things don’t always come easy, and hard work is the best way to reach your goals.

Discipline – Don’t give up, and never say “I can’t.” With hard work and perseverance, you can!

Teamwork – Learn to work with classmates and peers in big and small ways. Working well with others will get you far in dance, and in life.

Respect – Always show respect for your teachers and your classmates. What’s more, respect yourself! Dance teaches a lifetime of healthy habits and the rewards of hard work.

On the importance of arts education for young children, CeNedra says, “At a young age, learning through dance and the arts gives kids the confidence to be who they are. When I turn on the music and tell my students to just dance how they feel at that moment, I can see the connection being made even in a very young child. Her confidence blooms, she grins from ear to ear, and she is proud to share her success with her classmates, her parents and me. These kids are not afraid to fail; they learn to just get back up and keep trying.”

Above all, CeNedra is dedicated to the BCA family and she is most inspired by what she learns from her students. “The little things mean so much and my sweet students remind me of that every day. Always appreciate the little things.”

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CeNedra Misic: The Basics

Classes: Assistant Preschool Program Director

Instructor: Mommy and Me, Toddler Tippy Toes, Tippy Toes, Tippy Tap, Tippy Tumbling, Tippy Hip Hop, Tippy Pom, Co-coach Tiny All-Stars Competition Team

Certifications: Russian Ballet Levels I – III, Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning, Piloxing

Dancing Since: Age 3

Training and Education: Teacher Training Program at Lake Shore Dance, Russian Ballet certification training, Pulse Convention Master Classes

Teaching Philosophy: Fostering a love of dance while teaching life lessons.

About CeNedra: “I was the super serious kid in class at a young age. While others messed around, I always focused on the teacher.”