Audition Tips for your Child Actor

Jan 9,2019 | Music & Theater

It is that time of year again!  We are gearing up for our spring auditions here in Young Actor’s Company with our Top 5 Audition Tips for your young actor!

Such an exciting time can also bring about some anxieties and insecurities – especially if this is your child’s first time auditioning for a play!  We have put together a list of Top 5 Audition Tips!

1.Make Big Choices – Step out of your comfort zone and show us everything you’ve got!  The more comfortable you are with the script, the more you will be able to move and express yourself as an actor

2. Professionalism – Slating can be as influential as the audition itself.  Be respectful of others during their audition times. Be confident in your character choices!

3. Practice – Rehearse your lines individually and with a partner!  Be sure to rehearse all parts given for the audition.

4. Tactics – Try out your character with different tactics to show a variety of options

5. Be Familiar with the Script – Watch other productions on YouTube, read the script, listen to the score.

We look forward to your young actor showing up with their best self at their next audition!  Break a leg!