BCA Lessons Teach Life Lessons

Jan 29,2016 | General


At BCA we believe that teaching dance, theatre and music is not remotely limited to matters of technique and skill. In fact, the way we look at it, technique and skill are like branches on a tree: They’re a fundamental part of the package, but they are not what’s holding it together…

Here at BCA, our students learn a sense of responsibility. They learn to respect and take good care of their studio and classrooms. They also learn the value of showing up on time, and maximizing their time in class. This sense of responsibility shows up not only here inside BCA, but at school, where our students excel.

In addition, our students learn to respect one another. In other words, they become skilled at teamwork. They know that they and their fellow teammates are all united by a single goal: the goal of achieving excellence, while having a tremendous amount of fun. Accordingly, they are consistently encouraged to support and uplift one another as they work toward it.


In the course of learning here at BCA, the students also become accustomed to receiving feedback. They know that their learning and skill building don’t take place in a bubble, and that the teachers and other students will be giving them constructive feedback along the way. This particular skill is incredibly valuable when it comes to preparing our students for the future.  This is something all of our students will face in their adult life.

At BCA we want to instill the message to our students that hard work pays off. What you put in is what you get out – and that lesson applies to all walks of life. Dance, music and theatre just happens to be the filter through which we are imparting it.

When people walk into BCA, or even at a competition, they tend to notice something striking about our more experienced students, which is that they have excellent manners. They communicate with grace and politeness. They take themselves seriously, and carry themselves accordingly. Good manners stem from high expectations and self-confidence, which are also traits that we work hard to instill.

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Last but not least, our students develop independence. The forum of the arts gives them an opportunity to be in touch with their bodies, their voice, their balance, their hearts, and their souls.

Although they work within a team environment, every student must indeed stand on her own two feet.  Dancing, acting or singing, then, is more than just an art form; it’s also a true way of life.