Being A Teaching Artist for Children’s Theatre

Feb 15,2016 | Uncategorized

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In the BCA Theatre program, we are implementing a full circle theatre experience, where we not only put on high quality productions, but kids embark on an acting journey through- out each production. Actors receive creative and artistic training in their crafts of vocal, acting, and musical theatre dance, from our talented teaching artists. ​Parents are often amazed at how much growth their actors undergo throughout a BCA production experience. Theatre allows for kids to express themselves, gain courage and confidence, and be a part of a collaboration of peers! At BCA, we are working to build knowledgable, and talented students in our theatre program!

Katie Berg, BCA’s Theatre Production director says, “I believe my responsibility as an artist is to foster new talent and inspire new passion in the next generation of actors and singers. Acting and singing are, in my opinion, like “play time” and “story time,” so who better to get excited about theatre than children? Children are innately creative and exploratory, two invaluable qualities of a successful actor. Discovery is the key. It is the discovery of these moments through words and music, and having the ability to physically move people to tears or laughter through a mutual understand- ing of truth that made me fall in love with the dramatic arts. My role as an artist is to breath life into these unexpected circumstances, and to develop the emotional life of a character, welcoming the audience to join me in the world of the play. My role as an educator is to give my students the tools necessary to communicate with an audience through text in the same way.”

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“Theatre provides a unique opportunity to actors, allowing them to speak about sensitive topics by placing them in an area of play. I’ve adapted different techniques, many based on Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, to discuss topics ranging from getting along with siblings to how to deal with bullying. My goal is to show kids how to see the world as their stage and teach them about the power they have over their own story line. I teach kids how to build a successful character but more importantly, about their objectives and tactics, and of the people around them.” says Kathryn Mooers.

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Sam Nuccio, BCA’s Teaching Arts and Theatre Production Director says, “Being a teaching artist provides me with a way to give back all the opportunities that the fine arts have given to me. Theatre is more than just memorizing lines or songs. It give students the opportunity to grow within the discipline and their own lives. It’s opening up a world where they can be anyone they want to be. Growing up with the thought that anything is possible gives students a passion for life that only be fostered from fine arts. It is something that I have loved from the moment I stepped onto a stage and it is that feeling that I want to pass on to my students.


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