Coach Spotlight: Aimee Zozakiewicz, Senior All-Stars

Oct 14,2016 | Dance Education General Interview

Aimee Zozakiewicz – Senior All Star Coach from Brookfield Center for the Arts on Vimeo.

Aimee Zozakiewicz is co-coach (with April Jensen) of the BCA Senior All-Star team. After coaching the BCA Junior Elite team for one year, she has been with the Senior team for three years. Aimee is also a Senior Advertising Account Executive at Jacobsen Rost in Milwaukee.

A Lifetime of Dance

Aimee was surrounded by a love of dance from a very young age. Her mother was a graduate of Milwaukee Ballet School, and later opened her own studio, Lake Shore Dance Academy. Aimee began dancing at her mother’s studio at the age of three. She felt naturally drawn to dance—not forced or expected to dance despite her mother’s background. Instead, her mother’s true passion for the art was her greatest influence, and dance became a lifelong passion for Aimee, too.

Aimee started dancing at her mother’s studio at age three, and eventually joined its competitive dance program. She went on to make the varsity dance team in high school (as a freshman!), and lead her team as captain for three years. The dance team at UW-Stevens Point was next, where she was elected captain and helped coach the team. It was at Stevens Point where she met and danced with future Senior All-Stars co-coach, April Jensen. The stage for the coaching team’s future greatness was set!

Aimee continues to be very passionate about dance and its role in her life. “I don’t think I can live a day without dance. As soon as I graduated from college and no longer was on my college dance team, I had to find a way to get dance back into my life.” Aimee found her new dance home here at BCA.

Coaching Offers a New Perspective

Coaching has offered Aimee a new perspective on the sport she loves. April and Aimee run a tight ship, with the duo agreeing that an organized and well-structured approach fosters the success of individual students and the team. But despite pushing dancers to be their best, Aimee knows that dance at any age should be a source of happiness. She recognizes that besides being a highly competitive sport, dance is also an artistic and emotional outlet for most dancers.

While the Senior All-Star team has had great success locally and at Worlds, April and Aimee emphasize to their team that success is not measured in trophies. Success is earned over the entire span of an individual’s dance career, from the first time you master a new trick, to being recognized by someone you look up to, to championships and everything in between. And for many others, success at dance is much simpler: making lifelong friends and sharing in the sense of family that we work so hard to foster at BCA.

Aimee and April share all of the coaching duties for the Senior All-Stars, and have developed a synergy that obviously gets results. They share the same philosophies and approach almost every situation together to avoid confusion and encourage fairness at all times for their team members. Both ladies tackle choreography and teaching duties, as well as costuming and music selections.

The Senior Team Proudly Wears the BCA Name Everywhere We Go

Aimee is proud to be a coach and mentor for BCA’s amazing students, and an integral part of the BCA family. She feels that, “BCA sets up all students for success with our positivity, opportunities, and all-around love for everyone.”

The BCA family is Aimee’s favorite part about coaching here. She has been able to watch young girls learn and grow into wonderful young ladies, carrying the influence of every coach that has come before. When it is Aimee’s turn, she finds the greatest reward in knowing that BCA students enjoy dance as much she does.