Covid Policies

Jul 23,2020 | Uncategorized

Required Face Masks for Staff

All BCA staff and guest instructors will be required to wear face coverings.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing will be practiced for students in common areas (lunch breaks, bathroom breaks, etc) and will be practices as much as possible during class time. We ask that parents use our floor markers to social distance while at drop off and pick up as well.

Recommended Masks in Public Areas

We recommend that any adults in public areas wear face masks.

Require Students & Staff Stay Home if Sick

We please ask that parents take their child’s temperature prior to class time to ensure no elevated temperatures. Any student with an elevated temperature should stay home. If your child has been sick or anyone in your family has been ill, we ask you stay home and participate virtually to protect yourself and others.

Common Areas Remain Closed

All lobbies, the breezeway of our main building and back patio of our main building remain closed. Parents are welcome to gather no more than 5 minutes before and after class time for drop off and pick up, but we please ask you respect our policy of no group congregating in these areas for the safety of our staff, students and other families at the studio.

Our drinking fountains are closed for the summer, we ask students bring a labeled water bottle to all classes. 

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Our staff continues to diligently clean and sanitize during the day including but not limited to: door handles, bathrooms, ballet barres, floors in dance studios, and much more. 

We are installing hand sanitizing stations at BCA and they are expected to arrive this month. In the meantime, we ask students pack a bottle of hand sanitizer in their bag to use upon entering the building.

Face Coverings

We welcome and support all students and families who choose to wear face coverings to practices and rehearsals.  Parents are asked to review procedures with their children prior to class on each family’s individual expectations as teachers will not be managing students mask wearing.

Virtual Learning

We are continuing to provide virtual learning options for ALL of our classes upon request from a parent. Please reach out to your Program Director for assistance in getting that set up. We want to make learning easy and safe for all of our families.