Creative Arts Preschool Enrolling Now for 2016 -2017

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Have you heard about BCA’s Creative Arts Preschool? Our preschool opened in BCA’s beautiful new space for the 2015 – 2016 school year. Our goal was to provide a comfortable, safe, and nurturing environment for 3- and 4-year olds, where they can love and grow in the arts.

Creative Arts Preschool marries traditional preschool instruction with creative arts education in order to foster each child’s physical, intellectual, creative, and social development. With our focus on creative arts, we provide a solid foundation for each child that teaches them to love learning and embrace challenge.

If you are considering BCA’s Creative Arts Preschool for your little one for 2016-17, here’s what you need to know:

• Experienced, certified instructors build a broad, balanced curriculum that includes dance/creative movement, music, art, social studies, science, math, reading/writing, and character development.

• We incorporate a variety of teaching methods into our instruction in order to provide the most complete and well-rounded approach. Your child may experience elements of the Montessori, Reggio, HighScope, and Waldorf methods during the course of their school day.

• Our creative arts curriculum helps build academic, social, emotional and physical confidence. It also helps engage and develop both hemispheres of the brain and build important skills for success.

• Class day options are: M/W, T/TH, or Friday.

• Add-on preschool music and dance classes are available for our students. See our Program Guide for full class descriptions.

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Here’s What Parents Are Saying

“BCA’s Creative Arts Preschool is a top-notch preschool that our daughter highly enjoyed going to each week. It is truly remarkable the amount of growth that I have seen from her. … Thanks again for a wonderful school year. I wish you tons of success as your preschool program takes off.”  – Betsy Lange

“The words ‘creative’ and ‘imaginative’ are really the hits for our daughter. I have seen so much progress from her being able to leverage objects, shapes, and colors, and use the teacher’s guidance to come up with her very own drawings or make up stories about her work. She is happy every time she goes to class. The teachers help her appreciate our beautiful world with their creative arts instruction.” – Fennie Feng

“We have had such wonderful, happy memories at BCA Creative Arts Preschool. I’ve watched my shy and reserved little girl find her voice, her dance, and her confidence. I’ve seen her make friends. I’ve seen her trust other adults that nurture her and allow her to grow and shine as the special person I’ve already known her to be. …she continuously surprised me by how much she has learned from the school–things that I’ve never really thought to have taught her! I love BCA preschool. I know she is in good hands and our family feels very lucky to have found such a special place.” – Katie Vinson

Don’t Miss Preschool Orientation, August 27th

Our Creative Arts Preschool calendar runs from September 1, 2016 to May 26, 2017. We offer a variety of opportunities for field trips, parent involvement, and other special programs. What’s more, we offer an important orientation opportunity for you child to meet instructors and become comfortable in their environment before the first day of preschool. Our upcoming orientation session is Friday, August 27th.

Visit our Creative Arts Preschool page to enroll.

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