From Sketch to Stage : Competition Costume Design

Oct 17,2019 | Dance Uncategorized

A costume is the finishing piece to any amazing routine and brings a choreographer and coaches dreams to life onstage. After many hours of training, it is the final, beautiful piece of the puzzle that finishes off a memorable routine! Join us to see a behind the scenes look of costume design for our Youth Summit Contemporary costume!

Music Selection – “Hyperballad” by Bjork

The music “Hyperballad” is a powerful piece of music that features both soft and hard hitting moments, accented by haunting vocals. Telling the story of confusion, Bjork is a well known artist that judges and fans adore!  This music called for abstract, modern & dynamic choreography!

From Sketch to Design

Inspired by the theme of “confusion” Coach Nate Husser sketched this costume himself to bring to life the darkness and intensity surrounding the feeling of confusion. Additionally, he was inspired by a Vintage Mugler fashion piece that brought him a vision for this design! See below!

After sending to our designer, Pumpers Dancewear, they adapted Nates style to bring to life the costume you will see onstage! As you can see below, from sketch to creation, the vision truly came to life!

Final sketch & costume creation by Pumpers Dancewear

We can’t wait to debut to see the final finished product at the Power of Purple Dance Competition this November! Until then, here is a photo of the group in the costume today!