Inside Look at Believe University!

Nov 6,2018 | Art Dance

Wow!! The start to the 2018 – 2019 Believe University class session has truly been magical. We have so many accomplishments to celebrate! Miss Megan, our lead dance instructor looks forward to class every week! She is always so impressed by the student’s amazing memorization skills, focus, and enthusiasm for dance!  We are so excited to finish learning our Winter recital dance to a fun song from the popular movie Trolls! This upbeat dance has many cool and challenging skills such as pivot turns, a ripple, fast counts, and more! Every other week Miss Megan incorporates Disney inspired yoga which benefits increased focus and relaxation.

Miss Emily, Believe University’s lead art instructor enjoys the pure moments learning, positivity, and growth happening each week during art class! Students are successfully mastering the skill of transitioning, and are able to begin class with a fun warm up lesson, which are done in the their handmade sketchbooks! These warm ups are designed for self exploration and making connections through colors, lines and shapes. We are so proud of Believe University’s Keith Haring inspired project (shown above). Students did an incredible job collaborating and creating a full sized, colorful mural! Emily introduced this awesome concept by first exploring silhouettes. Students took turns playing “Freeze dance” in front of a projector and tracing each others frozen shadows! Then they mixed their favorite colors and painted their life size figures. Later they carefully cut out and glued on their beautifully designed silhouettes to the Keith Haring inspired background! Students are currently studying printmaking. They learned to mix paint onto jelly plates, and made unique impressions of leaves and various materials.

Miss Mati, our lead teacher of music and theater, has a blast singing and teaching drama on Saturday morning! Students are currently practicing speech, memorization and improvisation. Miss Mati begins class with a sweet “hello” song! She plays creative movement games and creates lessons to encourage students to explore emotions and storytelling through the benefits of dramatic play!  Students are preparing a winter performance of the popular story, “Going on a Bear Hunt” and learning how to sing the musical scale. Our favorite part of the day is when we sing our “goodbye” song!

Do you know of a special student who loves music and art? Email Miss Beth at to learn more about Believe University. We are offering free try it classes now!