International Women’s Day

Mar 8,2016 | General

womens day photoWe at BCA regard this holiday with the utmost seriousness, for not only is our school run by women, those whom we teach are girls and young women, too!

The feminine essence is a critical part of the life experience, whether one is a woman or a man. Feminine energy encompasses all that is intuitive, compassionate, nurturing, sensitive, heart ­centered, creative, and communicative.  Exposing girls/young women to the arts is so important, as it unleashes their mystical feminine potential.

seniors photo lyrical

Men encompass the above traits, too, just as women of course encompass classically “masculine” traits such as drive, results ¬≠seeking, and strength. In that light, International Women’s Day is not just about females, but about all people honoring their most graceful, elegant, and beautiful sides.

Here at BCA, we view dancing and other performance arts as a sacred form of magic. After all, what is more positively divine than seeing a woman grace the stage and share with the world the unique and vital energy that is HER?

Whether a woman is performing, creating, launching a business, inventing a product, championing a cause, serving those less fortunate, or looking after her loved ones, women are immensely powerful forces of nature, and as far as we’re concerned, that’s worth celebrating!

So Happy International Women’s Day! Cherish and honor the feminine that is in you and around you, always.