Kids Take Center Stage In Young Actor’s Company

Dec 9,2016 | General Music & Theater


Elizabeth Field is a natural performer. After years of participating in BCA’s competitive dance program, she was comfortable on stage and was ready for a new challenge. As a member of BCA’s Young Actors Company, Elizabeth has expanded her horizons and continues to learn and perfect new skills.

When Elizabeth decided to focus on theater, her mom Sara, was concerned about whether it was the right move. Would her teen daughter complain about the time commitment and long practices? With no school friends in the company, would Elizabeth’s interest wane over time?

Luckily none of those concerns came to be, and Elizabeth is challenged and excited about every rehearsal. YAC is fast-paced, never boring, and the kids are always working on new scenes, songs or dance numbers. Elizabeth relishes the opportunity to immerse herself in individual roles while working together as a company to accomplish a goal. As a born performer, her favorite thing about YAC is being able to tell a story and express herself through singing, acting and dancing.

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The Fields recognize that Young Actor’s Company offers kids a real sense of accomplishment when they work so hard to produce a show in a few short months. Pride and satisfaction are natural extensions of working together and learning the production process while everyone strives to do their best. Perfection is never the goal; rather, hard work, teamwork, and gaining confidence and self-esteem are the ultimate accomplishments.

Theater Teaches Lessons for a Lifetime

Not every kid comes to Young Actors Company knowing the joy of performing. Some, like Pete Stockhausen, are simply trying something new and quickly find their voice. Pete had tried a lot of different activities, but never found one that he was passionate about. Now theater means the world to him.

Young Actor’s Company has given Pete a chance to be himself and explore who he is in a safe and positive environment. He gets to try on many hats (literally), and express himself through different roles. And he gets to learn about the art and craft of theater from behind-the-scenes to the final curtain call.

Young Actor’s Company | Bugsy Malone Jr. Highlights from Brookfield Center for the Arts on Vimeo.

Pete’s parents, Paul and Therese Stockhausen, credit YAC with giving their son a voice and a passion that even they never knew he had. He is able break out of his comfort zone, while gaining confidence and pride in what he can accomplish on his own and with the group.

Pete’s favorite thing about YAC: everything! He loves the teachers, the shows and the roles he has had. He also loves seeing the whole company succeed together, as company members learn what it takes to put on a production both as actors and from a technical perspective.

The whole Stockhausen family is learning, too. They now appreciate the amount of time, discipline and effort it takes to put on a well-executed performance, and admire the uniqueness of the YAC program. Teachers are invested in learning each student’s strengths and placing them in roles where they will be challenged and excel. The Stockhausens feel that theater is an incredible way for kids to express themselves while taking risks. And they know that the confidence Pete has gained through performing will help him in throughout his life, no matter what he chooses to do.

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Our Program

Young Actor’s Company is for the child or teen who loves theater and thrives when being challenged to grow and learn through performing. This unique program allows members to train as a group throughout the ten-month season. In preparation for three full performances as well as numerous community appearances, YAC members receive focused instruction, rehearsal time and skill development; year-round group bonding; and equal casting opportunities.

YAC members have no need for additional classes or training. Through rehearsals and special classes, company members receive instruction in the following areas:

• Musical direction

• Improvisational acting

• Script analysis

• Theatrical costume and makeup design

• Dialect and accents

• Theatrical dance

• Set building and prop construction

Young Actor’s Company offers a positive environment where young, eager and aspiring actors can grow as individual performers and production participants, as well as gain self-esteem, self-discipline, and pride in their accomplishments. At BCA we value the process as much as the reward. Company members are encouraged to celebrate every accomplishment, no matter how small. Our actors grow not only as performers, but also as individuals as we emphasize leadership building, goal setting and working through adversity to achieve success.