Pre Team! Perform at the Bradley Center!

Jan 18,2016 | Dance

Our Pre Team season begins in less than three weeks, on February 6th!  We are excited to share this experience with our dancers and dance families as it gives them an idea of what our competitive team are like, and also helps our dancers excel in technique and teamwork.

Our Pre Team Program is that it’s for everyone!  Some of our dancers do it every year to perform at the Bucks game, and some join in to prepare themselves for our teams auditions in May. Either way, all of our students always have a blast! It is one of our highlights of the year to see our kiddos dance on the Bucks game floor!

For 8 weeks, dancers will meet to work on a pom routine to perform at the Milwaukee Bucks game!  They will focus on technique work, formations, and showmanship.

Pre Team is for the dancer looking for a bit more!  Dancers will take Pre Team in addition to their Tippy Toes or Academy classes.  These extra eight weeks of lessons will help your dancer determine their commitment level moving forward.  While being open to beginner and intermediate level dancers, all of our coaches are happily able to adapt their teaching to accommodate a challenge for students at all levels.  For dancers who are interested in trying out for our competition or performance teams in May, we highly recommend doing Pre Team this season!

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If your dancer is set on auditioning for our competitive teams program in May, we strongly encourage starting with Pre Team. Pre Team will give your dancer an edge up on their technique and pom work.  In addition, it will also give your child a chance to see if the commitment level of being on a team is a good fit for them!  If your dancer is not quiet sure about teams but wants to add on more classes, this is a good option for a light commitment, and a lot of fun!  You will see definite improvement in their dance ability, coordination, and technique!  There is no obligation to try out for Teams in June, even if your dancer is on Pre Team!

To find out more about our Pre Team program, please visit our website by clicking HERE.