Preschool Art Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 29,2017 | Art Education

In our Creative Arts Preschool, we often get asked for supply recommendations and student favorites in class.  With the holidays around the corner, we thought it would be a great time to share all of this information with you!  

Tempera Paint Sticks – $20.00  If you’re looking for a “no mess” painting project at home, this is the ticket!  These chubby markers are great for little hands yet detailed enough for older kids to create some stunning work!

Lacing Beads – $12.99  A great item for quiet play time are these large beads.  Little ones can work on fine motor skills, pattern recognition, and more!  Such a great price for an un-plugged toy!

Rainbow Stacker Puzzle – $42.95  This puzzle is a creative toy that offers many lessons in one!  We’ve seen kiddos role play with the curves as slides, create imaginative scenes with the different pieces, work on size differentiation, color order, and more!  It is a great tool to offer some open ended play time!

Wooden Blocks – $43.99 If you don’t have a set of wooden blocks in your home, we definitely think you should opt for this as the number one gift on this page!  They’re such a wonderful toy for children and can be used in imaginative play, counting, sorting, shapes – the possibilities of lessons are endless, not to mention they’re just so much fun!!

Stackable Bee Hive – $23.99 Kiddos love the fine motor skills and manipulation of the tongs with this toys!  Matching colors, working on their grip, and balance are some key take aways your little one will get from this imaginative toy!

Liquid Watercolors – $17.99 Good art materials are the key to producing quality results at home with your little ones!  We love using liquid watercolors in class.  They produce such a vibrant color and are ready when your kiddos are! There is no mess of pan paints with water cups with this set up!

An ABC of What Art Can Be – $14.83  We just added this book to our library and it instantly became a favorite!  The vocabulary is terrific and great for kids of all ages!  The illustrations are spot on and the story is a blast to read! We recommend adding this book to your collection at home!

Watercolor Paper – $9.40  Having a good substrate for your fancy new paints, especially watercolors, is so important!  This paper is thick, has a beautiful texture, and is a great price for little ones to work on!