Academy Dance

Academy Dance

1st / 2nd

1st/2nd Grade Academy Dance Classes are perfect for both returning and brand new dancers! These classes create a fun, loving and supportive environment for your child to develop a passion for dance and grow in their abilities. Our curriculum is designed to provide age-appropriate instruction and choreography that will both challenge your child, and keep them engaged and having fun!

Leveling - 2019 - 2020 Session

Our levels provide a "just-right" fit for your dancer to excel at her highest potential, meeting her specific needs, focusing in on specific areas of growth and challenging her all year long! All dancers are evaluated and receive placement recommendations which include suggested class levels and class options.

Level 1

Classes will introduce your dancer to the foundational skills of each dance style. Level 1 classes are designed for newer dancers or dancers transitioning into an older age group next year. Dancers will master these skills during the year, and increase their dance vocabulary, to drive each student to the next level! Classes will meet once a week, and dancers will complete the session having mastered these skills and their dance vocabulary!

Level 2

Classes and will focus on more challenging technique and choreography. Level 2 dancers have developed their foundational skills, and are ready for more advanced curriculum. Level 2 dancers can take one class, but are strongly encouraged to take two classes to excel their growth and learning.

Level 3

Classes are for advanced level Academy Dance students who are ready to take their dancing to new heights! Level 3 will challenge students in their technical abilities, choreography and skill work. Our Level 3 classes will provide new, advanced curriculum and higher level programming than we have ever offered in Academy Dance before.

The Recital Experience!

BCA is known for providing the most entertaining and exciting recital experience for dancers and families in southeastern Wisconsin! We cannot wait to share this special day with your dancer. Professional theatrical props, backdrops, lighting, a beautiful venue, and amazing recital costumes provide the perfect setting to celebrate your dancer's hard work and to showcase their talent on the big stage. BCA hosts three recitals each year - our December Recital at the Hamilton Fine Arts Center in Sussex, our May Recital at the Hamilton Fine Arts Center in Sussex, and our Summer Recital in August which is a free, fun event for families at Frame Park in Waukesha. Click here for more recital information!

1st / 2nd Grade Class Information

Session Dates

Our Session runs September 2019 - May 2020

Tuition Fees

Payment information is listed below! Tuition is listed in full, annually. You have the option to pay in full or by installments. Read further information in the class description.

Brookfield Center for the Arts
Jazz & Hip Hop

Jazz & Hip Hop is a fun, exciting and high energy class! Students will work on developing flexibility, coordination, balance, dance technique, more intricate dance skills and tricks, and choreography. During class students will be encouraged to show off their charisma by adding their own special personality to each routine. This class is a combination for those who want a both a technical dance class and an upbeat environment! Class time will be split up into 30 minutes of each style. Students will prepare one jazz routine and one hip hop routine for each recital, a total of four routine performances throughout the year! Attire: Comfortable, active clothing, tan jazz shoes for jazz, and sneakers from home for hip hop.

Brookfield Center for the Arts
Tap & Lyrical

Tap & Lyrical class curriculum focuses on age appropriate technique, strength training, timing and musicality. Students will gain proper and age appropriate training by focusing on technique, body alignment and strength and conditioning. The ballet barre will be used as a source to help with their technical needs and development. This is a class that is perfect for the dancer looking forward to technical training and character development. Our lyrical and broadway style tap is taught in a way that encourages proper development and confidence in each child. Class time will be split up into 30 minutes of each style. Students will prepare one lyrical routine and one tap routine for each recital, a total of four routine performances throughout the year! Attire: Students will be required to wear a black leotard, black dance pants, jazz shoes, and their hair pulled up away from their face for class. For tap, they will need tan tap shoes.

Brookfield Center for the Arts
Russian Ballet

A true classical ballet experience! Our Russian Ballet classes focuses on true classical ballet training using the Vaganova Method. The program is designed for all abilities, and fuses elements of traditional French style from the romantic era, with the athleticism and virtuosity of Italian technique. The training system is designed to involve the whole body in every movement, with equal attention pair to upper and lower body. This approach increases consciousness of the body, creating harmony of movement and greater expressive range. This method is designed to fit dancers of all levels and welcomes both brand new students, as well as dancers who have had years of ballet experience. Attire: Dancers attire consists of white tights, a leotard, ballet slippers, and hair is required to be in a bun. Dancers all wear the same leotard, and will receive this their first class.

1st / 2nd Grade Class Schedule

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