Theatre Classes

Theatre Classes

Ages 3 – 18

Theatre Ensemble Classes

Theatre classes provide benefits such as increased comfort with public speaking, greater self-confidence and trust in group process, as well as a positive outlet that helps children learn how to think outside of the box and solve creative problems. Jump into some seriously hilarious improv work. Learn how to build exciting stories. Create fascinating characters, and present them in the most awe-inspiring way. Our theatre classes are all about having fun, playing hard, working together, and finding your voice. The Ensemble Theatre Classes have the opportunity to perform in 2 full theatre productions throughout the season, with our Young Actor's Company Performers. Professional theatrical props, backdrops, lighting, a beautiful venue, and customized costumes provide the perfect setting to celebrate your actor hard work throughout the season and to showcase their talent on the big stage. Ensemble classes are available for students 5-14 years old through our Mini Ensemble Performers, Youth Ensemble Performers and Junior Ensemble Players.

2021- 2022 Season

Our 2021- 2022 Session is now open for registration! Our session runs from June 2021- April 2022. Students will spend the year learning with an in-depth theatre curriculum, developing skills, and preparing for their musical performances! Our ensemble troupes will perform in the large group numbers of our ful; theatrical productions throughout the season. Please see below for more information on our theatre productions, class offerings and session details!

Brookfield Center for the Arts

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Theatre Class Descriptions

Brookfield Center for the Arts
Preschool Musical Theatre (Ages 3-5)

A fun and imaginative class for your little one to share in the joys of storytelling and musical theatre! Your child will love imagining and moving throughout the semester with engaging stories, acting activities, fun musical songs, and creative play! Theatre offers our youngest students a wide arrange of skills that will help them as they transition into school. Through theatre our students show advanced literacy and early reading skills, strong communication skills and adaptable problem solving skills. Preschool theatre gives our littlest ones a chance to learn early regulations skills through fun games and actives as well as giving them a chance to fully expressive themselves in a safe and caring environment!

Brookfield Center for the Arts
Ensemble Troupe (Ages 5-14)

A great way for your budding actor to get involved in a full theatrical production! The Ensemble Troupe performs in scenes throughout our Young Actors Company shows, giving these students a Wonderful opportunity to get the full thrill of being in a high quality production. While only rehearsing one hour a week our Ensemble classes are a great way for students to begin to explore theatre with a small rehearsal commitment.

Brookfield Center for the Arts
Private Acting and Voice Lessons

Young Actors Company also provides your actor the chance to study one on one with their director through private acting coaching or voice lessons. This amazing private experience gives your actor a chance to take charge of their training and work specifically to goals they set. With the guidance of a YAC director our private lessons students are able to accomplish a wide variety of skills and achieve their goals.

Theatre Class Schedule

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