Academy Dance

Academy Dance

2nd / 3rd

2nd / 3rd Grade Academy Dance Classes are designed to fit the needs of both returning students and brand new dancers! Our curriculum blends foundational work along with more challenging options and skill development. Beginner and intermediate level students can expect to be challenged, grow in their dance abilities, and have fun!

Choose Your Path!

We understand this year brings with it many challenges and circumstances unique to each family, and we are here for you! To help your dancer achieve their dreams, we are here with two options for your fall programming: Online Programming and Traditional Programming

Online Programming

Online Programming will bring the magic of BCA directly into your home! With just one click your dancer will be transported to our professionally equipped "set". Each week dancers will progress through our custom curriculum, adapted just for online learning! At the end of the session, dancers are invited to join us for a private Red Carpet Recital, just for your family! Online classes are perfect for students looking to learn from the convenience of their own home, makeup classes, or personal health concerns.

Traditional Programming

Traditional Programming is great for students looking for a traditional learning environment, those looking to grown in social - emotional learning, and provide group dynamics and choreography strength. To support traditional classes, we will continue to revise and monitor the situation to adapt our policies and procedures as needed.

The Recital Experience!

BCA is known for providing the most entertaining and exciting recital experience for dancers and families in southeastern Wisconsin! Professional theatrical props, backdrops, lighting, a beautiful venue, and amazing recital costumes provide the perfect setting to celebrate your dancer's hard work and to showcase their talent on the big stage! BCA hosts three recitals per year for your dancer: December, May and August.

2nd / 3rd Grade Class Information

Covid-19 Policy

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Session Dates

Our Session runs September 2020 - May 2021

Class Descriptions

Jazz & Hip Hop is a fun, exciting and high energy class! Students will work on developing flexibility, coordination, balance, dance technique, more intricate dance skills and tricks, and choreography. During class students will be encouraged to show off their charisma by adding their own special personality to each routine. This class is a combination for those who want a both a technical dance class and an upbeat environment! Class time will be split up into 30 minutes of each style. Students will prepare one jazz routine and one hip hop routine for each recital, a total of four routine performances throughout the year! Attire: Comfortable, active clothing, tan jazz shoes for jazz, and sneakers from home for hip hop.

Tap & Lyrical class curriculum focuses on age appropriate technique, strength training, timing and musicality. Students will gain proper and age appropriate training by focusing on technique, body alignment and strength and conditioning. The ballet barre will be used as a source to help with their technical needs and development. This is a class that is perfect for the dancer looking forward to technical training and character development. Our lyrical and broadway style tap is taught in a way that encourages proper development and confidence in each child. Class time will be split up into 30 minutes of each style. Students will prepare one lyrical routine and one tap routine for each recital, a total of four routine performances throughout the year! Attire: Students will be required to wear a black leotard, black dance pants, jazz shoes, and their hair pulled up away from their face for class. For tap, they will need tan tap shoes.

Class Fees

Registration Fee: $795 Early Bird Rate / $895 Regular Rate, Due at time of Registration

Costume Fees: $310 for Four Recital Costumes, 2 Winter Recital Costumes + 2 Spring Recital Costumes,
Pay at Registration for $25 Discount ($285 due) or Pay in Two Installments of $155 due Sept. 15 & Jan. 15

2nd / 3rd Grade Class Schedule

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