Recital 101

Mar 31,2016 | Dance

Fall 2015 Recital Highlights from Brookfield Center for the Arts on Vimeo.

Recital week is one of the busiest and most exciting times every year at BCA. As we gear up for our spring dance recitals, we wanted to make sure that parents and students know what to expect.

On April 8 – 10, we will be showcasing the hard work of all of our talented Tippy Toes, Academy and Teams dancers to parents, grandparents and friends. When should you arrive? How long are the shows? And just what, exactly, is my child doing backstage when he or she is not performing?  

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First, preparation is key to successful performances. Class time during recital week is essential to putting the finishing touches on all of our routines. Expect your dancer to work hard! We will be cleaning routines to perfection, ironing out costume details and having a great time getting ready for the weekend.

Tippy Toes (Preschool) Recitals

What could be better than our very special Tippy Toes students dressed up in their costumes, ready to dance and show off all that they’ve learned?

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This year, our Tippy Toes recitals will be held on Saturday, April 9 at the Hamilton Fine Arts Center. Shows are scheduled every hour from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, and your dancer is assigned to one, 30-minute recital. Please be sure that your dancer arrives fifteen minutes before her recital.

All dancers should be in costume with their hair done when they arrive. And don’t forget to pack dance shoes! Instructors will greet and check-in dancers, and take them backstage for the big event.

During downtime, students play games or watch age-appropriate movies with instructors. After the show, instructors will walk their students out to meet their parents. Parents, grandparents and friends are welcome to take photos before and after the show.

BCA Academy Recitals

Our Academy dance recitals showcase a variety of dance styles and age groups, from hip-hop to jazz, lyrical and tap for dancers in elementary through high school. Academy dancers work hard all semester learning technique and perfecting their routines. Every class gets to showcase two routines for their guests.

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We also feature dancers from some of our Competition Teams during our Academy recitals.

This year, our Academy recitals will be held on Saturday, April 9 and Sunday, April 10 at the Hamilton Fine Arts Center. Your dancer will be assigned to one of the following show times: Saturday: 4:30 pm or 6:30 pm or Sunday: 12:00 pm or 2:00 pm.

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Each show is approximately 60 – 75 minutes long. Students should arrive fifteen minutes before their scheduled show time. When they are not on stage, students enjoy hanging out in the cafeteria with friends and teachers. You’d be surprised by how fast things are moving behind the scenes. Students may feel that they have very little downtime, but they are welcome to bring books or games to pass the time if they would like.

Remember, all academy classes showcase two routines; make sure your dancer brings both costumes (and dance shoes!) and is dressed and ready to go when he or she arrives at the venue.

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Competition Teams Recitals

Many of our competition dancers have been with BCA for a while and know what to expect. These dancers are pros and most will tell you that recital weekend is their favorite time of year.

fall 2015 teams show-92

Our Competition Teams recitals will be held on Friday, April 8 at 7:00 pm and Sunday, April 10 at 4:30 pm. Each show will run approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. Team members are required to dance in both shows, and must arrive one hour before each show time. Dancers will have a lot of time backstage to bond with teammates and do other activities, so they are encouraged to bring books, games, tablets and so on to help pass the time.

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Some teams and soloists will be asked to perform in our Academy recitals, as well. If your team or dancer is invited to perform in additional shows, Miss Ally or your coach will inform you.

If you are new to the Teams experience, we expect that your dancer will tell you that recital week was an amazing experience!

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Tickets and More

Tickets for all BCA recitals went on sale in January, and are still available online or at the door. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, you can purchase them now at

Our best advice: give yourself plenty of time to get your dancer ready for the big day. To avoid a last-minute rush and unnecessary stress, give your dancer plenty of time to get ready. Remember to leave time to take photos so you will always remember this special day.

“Dance hair” can take some time for parents and students to master, and you might have to try a few times to get it just right. If your dancer is required to use a donut bun, fear not! Our next blog will be dedicated to helping you get the donut bun just right.

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