The BCA Way Uncovered

Mar 1,2016 | General


Here at BCA, people always hear us referring to “The BCA Way”, which is basically our commitment to giving only the best, every single time, to the families whom we’re honored to serve.

The BCA Way means going the extra mile. If your child can’t find her shoes after class, we will roll up our sleeves and help her look for it. If your child’s a little on the shy side, we’ll make sure (gently) that she feels super-comfortable and is soon making lots of new friends.

Our front desk team doesn’t phone it in; they always have smiles and warm greetings at the ready. At the same time, we’re not just here to serve you, we’re here to grant you a friendly community, whether that means simply lending patience, or offering a hug on a challenging day.

Those who walk through our front doors are greeted by Miss Beth’s cheerful smiles. Soon after, they’re bound to encounter Miss CeNedra’s loving spirit, which extends all the way to communicating fully with our very youngest students; Miss Shelly’s matchless talent of knowing every Tippy Toes student by name; Miss Kathryn’s incomparable hugs and high-fives; Mister Josh’s radiant positivity (and far-reaching whistling!); coaches that bring rigor and challenges while remaining upbeat and supportive; and teachers that thrive on seeing growth and confidence among those whom they teach.

BCA is devoted to more than just the arts – as important as the arts are. We are devoted to functioning as a family. In addition, we love our students for who they are, honoring the whole child while offering a safe and nurturing space for each and every one.

Here at BCA, children learn and grow. In that way, we serve as something of a second home for them. For at home, you can be yourself. You can feel supported. You can know that you belong.

And belonging, in the end, is what “The BCA Way” is all about.

Mandy Winiecki
Brookfield Center for the Arts